Toddler Holiday Favorites

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Jacob is almost two, which means that this Christmas he understands a lot more of whats going on and I love it.
Although there are still a lot of Christmas traditions that I feel he is too young for, I've found quite a bit of fun toys and activities that suite his age perfectly! 

Here are some of our favorite holiday themed toys:
1. Melissa & Doug Christmas Cookie Set // Jacob is super into pretend play right now, and he loves this pretend cookie set! We sit and cut, frost, bake, and eat the cookies which keeps him entertained for a good chunk of time. Earlier in the week he was so into playing with this set that we ended up making real cookies later that day. 

2. Elf on the Shelf // Everyone has their own opinion on what age to begin this tradition, and I felt that this year was the perfect time for us. Jacob is a creature of routine, so every evening he says goodnight to Buddy the elf and in the morning we always point out that he is missing. This turns into a fun game of looking around the house and discovering what mischief he's gotten into. Jacob doesn't understand the whole concept of the elf reporting back to the North Pole yet, but it's still a fun activity for him each morning.

3. Little People Nativity Set // Jacob has a bunch of the little people sets, so I knew he would love this. I wanted to get him some sort of nativity scene, but at his age I know he's going to want to touch and play with everything so this is perfect. 

4. Advent Calendar // We already have a fabric advent calendar for Jacob, and this year I also picked up on the of cardboard ones with the chocolates inside. If we didn't have one though I would definitely get this Melissa and Doug advent puzzle, although I doubt I would be able to keep little hands away from it.

5. A Charlie Brown Christmas // We bought this last year during a sale on iTunes because it is one of my favorites and I love that Jacob enjoys it too. I love that it's not too long, and we love to watch it in the morning while I make breakfast. 

6. Melissa & Doug Snowman Stacker // I'm a big fan of the Melissa & Doug wooden toys, and this snowman is adorable. We got it for Jacob last year and I know Annabelle will love playing with it next year. 


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