Easter snapshots + the last of the "first" holidays

Monday, March 28, 2016

Our Easter weekend was stuffed full of egg hunts, ham, a visit from the bunny, church and good ol' family time. 

Each year holidays just become more and more fun as our kiddos (and our family) grows. 

This was Annabelle's last "first" holiday, and I didn't realize it until Easter Sunday was almost over.
My baby girl is almost halfway to her first birthday, and it absolutely blows me away how fast time is passing by.

She successfully made it through her first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and now Easter. 
All that's left is her first birthday in October, and I can't even begin to wrap my mind around that.

It's always fun to add a brand new member to the family and celebrate their first holidays, to look back and say "last Easter we were a family a three, and now we're a family of four!" 

We have no idea how many little ones we will end up having. Will Annabelle be our last? Will we add more? Who knows. That's a question that is still totally up in the air for us.

All I know is that babies grow up way too fast and I am determined to soak up every moment with both of mine.


Our new home + kitchen cabinet inspiration

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The housing market here in Oregon is no joke, and after living with my parents for over four months we finally found a home for our little family. After months of looking at houses we decided that our best option was to buy a home that is currently being built. The idea of a brand new house is definitely appealing, but since this house was already under construction we weren't able to choose any of the inside finishes- which is why this home fit within our budget so well. We decided to compromise on things like countertops and kitchen cupboards in exchange for square footage and an awesome floor plan.

We've been playing around with different ideas of things we can do to make the house feel more "us". The kitchen cabinets, countertops, and flooring that were picked out really aren't our style, so we've been coming up with inexpensive ways to change things up.

The easiest (and least expensive) thing to do would be to paint the kitchen cabinets. They are a dark oak color, and I've always dreamed of a white kitchen. I searched Pinterest and found some inspiration.

images via 

I love the contrast of the white with the darker wood, and I think this would be a totally realistic idea for our kitchen. 
There's something about not having everything match that I just love. Plus, it would be a lot less work to just paint the upper cabinets! Replacing the entire countertop isn't really an option for us at the moment, so we will have to wait until our kitchen starts to come together a bit more before making any real decisions. 
I also love white subway tile, and I want to take it all the way up from the countertop to the cabinets. 
I am dying for some open shelving, so maybe once we get into the house I can find a good place to replace a cabinet with shelves.

This is the current state of the "kitchen" so it will be a bit before we can make some of these ideas and plans a reality!

We are set to move in at the very end of April/beginning of May, and I absolutely cannot wait!
Until then I will just be perusing Pinterest and gathering ideas.


Toddler Approved Easter Activities

Monday, March 21, 2016

I typically like to go all out for every holiday, but lately I've been slacking. A lot of it has to do with the fact that we aren't in our own house yet (only a month and a half to go!), but I've been feeling guilty even though my eldest is only two and really doesn't have a clue. #momguilt. 
With Easter just around the corner I decided to dust off my "awesome mom" badge and take advantage of the week we have left. 
Here are a few of my favorite toddler approved Easter activities that take very little effort! 

Marshmallow Easter bunny outline: We still have a bunch of marshmallows leftover from Christmas, so this craft had our name written all over it.

Fingerprint Easter chick card: Because who wouldn't love a homemade Easter card with little finger prints? This is the perfect Easter card for grandparents.

Egg Dying: What says Easter more than dying Easter eggs? I used this method last year when Jacob was only a year old, but seeing as we live in a much colder climate now, I'm going to have to find a different way. Perhaps the whisk trick or using muffin tins. Either way I think it'll end up messy.

B is for Bunny: This is perfect if you've been working on learning letters with you kiddo!

Jellybean color sorting: This is great for teaching your child colors, although I just used regular construction paper instead of paint samples (um, I'm not going to run to the store for that). Be prepared for you tot to eat some jellybeans though, there's no avoiding that! 

See, there's a little "Pinterest mom" in all of us. 
Happy Easter week! 


Toddler Tales {Our Trader Joes Escapade}

Friday, March 18, 2016

Since having Annabelle taking both kids shopping with me is always a strategically planned excursion. 

There's some stores I can easily handle both kids in (Target, Costco), aka places with big shopping carts.
Annabelle doesn't like to be worn, so I typically leave her in her carseat, which takes up most of the shopping cart. Jacob usually rides along in the front seat, which is why I like places with big ass shopping carts. 

Right now we buy most of our groceries from Costco and Trader Joes, my least favorite store to take both kiddos to.
Small shopping carts, small store, lots of displays for Jacob to easily demolish. 

I've successfully done it a few times so earlier this week I downed my coffee, got everyone dressed and set out to get some much needed groceries. 

I started the trip out with high hopes. Everything appeared to be going smoothly, Annabelle in my cart while Jacob obediently followed behind me with his own child size cart (which I desperately needed because a carseat and groceries will not fit into one of their little carts).

He was happy putting the groceries I gave him into his own cart (how many times can I say "cart" in one post?) and I thought we would get out of the store without a problem. Unfortunately halfway through our venture he lost interest in helping his mom. This is when the running away from me began, and I cannot begin to explain how my heart stopped when I lost my son for three whole minutes.
I think the first time you lose your childhood is it's own milestone. Someone please add that one to the baby books.
Luckily my fellow shoppers knew that Jacob belonged to me by this point, and pointed him back in my direction. 
This darting away from me thing quickly became a game and after the 8th time of him attempting to run, I found myself pushing two shopping carts (one which contained Annabelle) with a toddler under my arm kicking and screaming.
Yes, I was that mom.

That mom you've seen in various places, who looks like her sh*t is unraveling faster than she can handle. That mom who looks like she is having one heck of a time handling her own offspring and you wonder how she manages on a daily basis. That mom who makes those who are contemplating children seriously rethink everything.
I was insanely aware of the fact that on Monday morning in the middle of Trader Joes, I was indeed that mom.

I was about to wave my white flag and attach a for sale sign to my toddler when something in his little mind clicked and he decided he would indeed push his shopping cart next to Mommy again.
That's the thing about toddlers: they push you right to the edge of insanity,  then they reel it all back in and give you that adorable little smile, and act like perfect tiny humans until the next disaster.

I thought I would be able to leave the store with just a sliver of dignity, until Jacob decided to run out the automatic doors of the store while I was swiping my credit card at check out.
Game over.
Luckily I managed to snag him before he got off the sidewalk.
I pushed my grocery and baby filled cart out of the store while holding my toddler and vowed to never leave the house again.

Lesson learned: At one time or another we will all be that mom, and if you haven't yet then watch out your time is coming.

That mom

Pearls and Prosecco Relaunch

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Yup, you read that title right. 
I've decided to return to blogging (again) and revisit my original blog. 
SO much has changed, and I feel like a new introduction is in order.

For those who are new, my name is Nicole and I'm a mama of two littles who are my whole world. We all reside in the Pacific Northwest and love to celebrate all the little things in life.

I'm a stay at home mom and recently started my own online shop, Classic Dot, which I guess makes me a work at home mom now. The balancing act is still a work in progress, but we are starting to get things figured out! 

I want this blog to be a place to connect! To share experiences, ideas, and inspiration. I hope that you follow along and I appreciate those who have been here since the beginning!