Fun (and easy) outdoor activities for kids

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Some days are best spent at home, especially when there is a baby in tow. I love to try and take the kids out to do fun stuff, but it typically takes a whole lot of coffee and motivation. 
It also usually means that Annabelle will miss her morning nap and that can throw everything a tad off schedule. Some days that's totally ok and we just try our best to go with the flow, but more often than not our days are spent at home during this season of life.
Home doesn't have to mean boring, or indoors for that matter. 
Here are some fun and super easy spring activities for days when the sun is shining and staying home is your best option.

1. Backyard scavenger hunt // Write down a list of things for your kiddo to search for in the backyard. If your child is young like mine and nowhere near reading, then draw a picture of each item. If you are like me and in no way an artist, hop on your computer, find some clip art, and print out a list. Easy peasy. Toddlers especially love it when they can recognize something, so get ready for some excitement when they look at your picture and are able to go find whatever item (ex- a pinecone) and match them.

2. Chalk // This classic never gets old. Jacob got chalk in his Easter basket this year and loves to go outside to scribble draw with it. I tried to teach him hopscotch the other day, which was a total fail with a two year old but still fun!

3. Bubbles // If you've got little ones than you probably already know the magical powers of bubbles. I just sit in the yard, Annabelle in my lap, blowing non stop bubbles for Jacob to chase. This can go on for a ridiculous amount of time, but is guaranteed to use up every last bit of your child's energy.

4. Water Balloons // Whether you are just filling them up to let your kiddo play around with texture, or if you actually get into a fight of sorts, water balloons are always a good time.

5. Backyard Picnic // Grab a big blanket, prepare an easy lunch, and head outside! Kids always think that anything out of the ordinary is super fun, and a picnic is a nice break from the norm. Jacob typically takes a nap after lunch, so it's always nice for him to get some fresh air before going inside for a snooze. Added bonus: Easy cleanup! 
I'm not big on "sensory bins" or any type of activity that requires a ton of prep work for me. I'll give those a shot every once in a while, but it's never anything that I can consistently keep up with. All of these activities are incredibly easy, so easy in fact that I can't believe I based a blog post around them. But if there's anything I've learned, it's that sometimes in this Pinterest world of parenting we forget about those easy/simple activities.
There's a reason why we call them classics.

Let me know if you have any fun and easy spring activities to share!


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