What Annabelle wore + how I shop for the kids

Friday, April 1, 2016

If you follow me on Instagram (@ncravinho) then you've probably seen me use the hashtag #whatannabellewore on a pretty regular basis. I love dressing my kiddos and always have. I know that one day they will probably have some opinions on what they wear, so I'm trying to have fun with it while I can.
Here's a roundup of my favorite #whatannabellewore posts as of late:

I know a lot of people think it's ridiculous to spend lots of money on baby clothes- I do too. With that being said I also think that quality is important and I only put my kids in 100% cotton. The majority of their clothes come from BabyGap, but I never ever pay retail price. If you shop smart Gap can be cheaper than most other children's clothing stores- and better quality!
Here are my tips for getting the best deals possible at Gap:

Wait for 40% off
I do most of our shopping online, and I SWEAR almost every week GAP has a 40% off deal. I never buy anything until there's at least a 40% off promo code to use.

Sale + Sale
This goes along with waiting for 40% off- I only buy what's on sale. That's my trick for getting amazing deals. I only look at the sale sections for my kiddos (and myself if I'm being honest), and I apply the 40% off to the already reduced price.

Gap Rewards
If you find that you buy the majority of clothes for your littles at Gap, signing up for their credit card can be super beneficial. We aren't a family that likes having many cards, but the rewards I receive back are worth it. I've received rewards anywhere from $5-$35, and you can use those on top of any other discounts- nothing is excluded from them! Also, if you are a card holder you get an extra 10% off when you shop in stores on Tuesdays. I've gone into Gap on a Tuesday before when they were offering 40% off already and because of my Gap card was able to receive 50% off, plus I could use my Gap Rewards. SCORE.

Buy out of season
Anyone who is good at bargain hunting will tell you this one. It can be tough with kids/babies because it can be a guessing game as to what size they will wear, but I try to do it when I can. Christmas PJ's on sale? Well, I'll guess Annabelle will probably be wearing 12-18 month around next Christmas. I tend to do this with holiday related items, because they don't usually to go on sale until right before said holiday or after. 

No, this post isn't sponsored by Gap. I've received a handful of questions regarding how I dress my children and if I spend an arm and a leg on their clothes (I don't), so I thought I was share some of my tricks with any inquiring minds.


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