The sweet spot {first week of summer}

Friday, June 24, 2016

It's finally Friday and our first week of summer has rocked!
We made it to the park every single day, had play dates with friends, attended a Minnie themed birthday party and enjoyed a family friendly beer festival last night.
I feel like we've finally hit that sweet spot with the kids where we are more mobile than ever and able to do more than we've ever done with two kids in tow. 

After having each babe it would take a while until I got to that point where they seem less like a tiny baby and more like a little person who can be out and enjoy things. I don't even know if it has so much to do with the child as it does just feeling more confident as a parent, but with Annabelle nearing 9 months and Jacob almost 2 and a half I feel like we are definitely at that sweet spot now.
Jacob loves to have fun and Annabelle is pretty content just being along for the ride. It's the perfect combination.  

I'm sure that this will be without a doubt the most fun summer we've had. Can't make it home in time for naps because we're having too much fun? No big deal. Is the house a little messy because we rushed out to the park first thing in the morning and ended up out all day? We'll live.
Summer has changed my attitude and I'm so excited to do fun stuff with my kiddos!

Bring on the bbq's, splash pads, park dates and long summer evenings on the porch.
I'm ready for them!

How are you planning on spending your summer?


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