Gobble but don't wobble: Thanksgiving Guide

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Yesterday I shared my plans for staying healthy and fit this holiday season, but today I want to talk about Thanksgiving in particular. 

How can you still enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without feeling like an overstuffed turkey afterwards?
I mentioned the 80/20 lifestyle and picking + choosing your indulgences yesterday, and that's exactly the method I'm going to use at Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow!

What does that look like?
You better believe I'm going to be getting my workout on Thanksgiving morning, this is one day that exercise really shouldn't be skipped! I also plan on enjoying my superfood shake for breakfast like usual, and making smart decisions food wise for the rest of the day leading up to the big dinner. This is what the 80/20 lifestyle is all about!  

What's your favorite thing on the menu? 
Are you a mashed potato obsessed? Does dessert do the trick for you? Will you be needing some wine to make it through the day?
Figure out where it is that you want to indulge, and plan accordingly. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and I fully plan on enjoying it. I'm not going to to deprive myself of my favorites, but I will pick and choose what I'm going to enjoy.
For me, it's all about wine and dessert, so I'm going to be mindful of what I pack my plate with at dinnertime.

Below is a great example of how to stack your plate for Thanksgiving!
Load up on veggies and lean protein! You can still enjoy a little stuffing and potatoes, but try it in small amounts. 
The second image is an example of what NOT to do.

images via autumn calabrese

Be mindful of your portions!
But most importantly, enjoy Thanksgiving tomorrow you guys!


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