Core de Force week 1 review

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 1 of Core de Force is in the books!

What do I think of the program?

I love it, and so does my husband! It's such a nice change of pace from my regular workouts. It's FUN and I enjoy doing it, and what's even better is that my hubby enjoys it too!
If I'm being completely honest I did miss two workouts this week... I missed Thursday, but I did 21 day fix pilates instead, so I was still active and got a workout in! I also missed my Saturday workout, so I've got to do better this upcoming week! It's usually difficult for me to get in all 6 workouts a week, but I've just been taking it day by day and focusing on how awesome I feel afterwards. This week I'm determined not to miss a single one!

Thoughts after week 1: I've been working muscles that I've literally never worked before, and man have I been sore! It's been quite the shock for my shoulders and back, and I've never done so many push-ups before in my life! 
I did a pretty good job sticking with my meal plan, thanks to my challenge group holding me accountable and keeping me motivated!
I'm down 1 pound, but weight loss isn't my goal right now, toning up is! 

Proud moment: During Tuesday's Dynamic Strength my husband was in disbelief over how many push-ups I was able to do without dropping to my knees! I've been consistently working out for a few months now, and hadn't realized how much stronger I've become! 
When I started my very first program, the 21 day fix, last spring I couldn't do a single push-up without being on my knees.

I'm excited to continue Core de Force this week, and I will be sticking with portion fix plan A. 
Since this is only a 30 day program, I won't be posting any progress pictures. I'm just going to wait until the end!

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